School enrollment of students from abroad

Upis učenika iz inostranstva - Elitna škola

Information for school enrollment of students from abroad

The education system in Serbia has three levels:

1) primary education, which usually lasts 8 years, between the ages of 7 and 14. The primary education program is the same in all primary schools in Serbia.

2) secondary education, lasting from 3 /to 4 years, between the ages of 15 to 19. High schools can be vocational schools or grammar schools. Gymnasiums cover general education and last for 4 years, while vocational schools encompass specific fields, such as electrical engineering, economics, graphics and the like, lasting from 3 or 4 years. The condition for enrollment is completed primary school.

3) higher (university) education, which lasts 3 to 5 years. The condition for enrollment in universities / colleges is completed high school, vocational or high school, lasting 4 years.

A candidate who is interested in enrolling in our school must have at least 8 completed grades abroad or the equivalent of primary education abroad. Documents on completed grades abroad must be translated into Serbian by a certified court interpreter, and sent to the Agency for Qualifications in Belgrade. There are instructions and forms in Serbian and English on the website, as well as contact information.

The Qualifications Agency assesses whether the education acquired by the applicant abroad is equivalent to the primary education of the Republic of Serbia. In case of a positive decision, the applicant receives a decision on the basis of which they can enroll in high school in the Republic of Serbia. In case the agency decides that the education is not equivalent, the applicant will receive a decision according to which they must first complete one or more grades of primary school in Serbia, and only after that they can enroll in secondary school.

If the candidate is already attending a secondary school abroad (these are ususally candidates between the ages of 15 and 18) and wants to transfer and continue their education in a secondary school in the Republic of Serbia, they must also contact the Qualifications Agency in Belgrade. Documents on completed grades from the equivalent of primary and secondary school abroad are translated into Serbian by a certified court interpreter and sent to the Agency, together with completed forms and information that the student wants to enroll in high school. The agency then determines which grade of high school the student can enroll in and determines any additional exams that the student must pass after enrolling in the selected high school.

For any additional information, you can contact us by e-mail via the following link: or by phone +381638406783, in Serbian or English. In case you want to contact us in Russian or German, please contact us by e-mail to leave us a few days to respond.